June 9, 2015


Quikleeds provides mobile lead capture solutions for the Real Estate and Auto Industries. We help our clients realize missed opportunities to communicate with potential consumers and expand their current consumer database. Text messaging (SMS) has grown exponentially as a social communication tool, but many businesses mis-use SMS Marketing and begin to quickly alienate "potential" consumers when using standard SMS Marketing Procedures. Because you have a mobile number (or email) does not mean they are a credible client. Building client trust takes time with a well thought out communication plan.

Our Platform focuses on three core philosophies when marketing to the end consumer:
1. Give the consumer what they want (don't make them fill out 5 fields to get what you already promised them)
2. Make it simple for consumers to use (a maximum of 3 steps)
3. Provide legitimate value to the consumer to build an on-line brand

Our business model is unique as we do not charge our Real Estate Professionals and Automotive Dealers for the use of our technology platform. How can we stay in business you may ask? We have developed strategic relationships with national lenders, insurance providers, home improvement stores, (etc.) who are interested in promoting their brand and services at the initial point of communication. Click on one of the 2 links below to see how our technology works from the end consumer's perspective.

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